Helping Hands




Founding Members:  those who have been there from the start

Robert Barnes, Wanda Barron, June Bennett, Marie Claude Berube, Fred Brace, Nancy Brace, Robert Brace,Sylvia Brace, Laura Buchholz, Carl Carson, Majorie Carson, Merrill Cooper, Woodrow Cooper, Catherine Cormier, Mackie Cram, Mona Cram, Shirley Cranford, Alma Crocker, Bertha Crocker, Frances Crocker, Henry and Edna Crocker, Stewart Crocker, Ellen Day, Reg Day, Brian Garland, Lorne George, Tina Harnum, Shelley Hickey, Elsie Higdon, Hughie Hillier, Florence Hopkins, Joe Hopkins, Betty Howell, Lloyd Howell, Donnie Hunt, Melissa Hunt, Peter Katcheror, Christine Kennedy, David Kennedy, Gary Kennedy, Gloria Kennedy, Ruby Legge, Alvina March, Clark March, Judy March, Thomas March, Rick Martel, Anna Moores, Audrey and Nelson Newbury, Charlie Noseworthy, Ernie Noseworthy, Margaret Oliver, Edwin Penney, Mildred Pitcher, Hilda Pollard, Kelly Reid, Sadie Reid, Bruce Simmons, Charles (Max) Simmons, Ken Simmons, Lisa Slade, Graham Taylor, Ian Whiteway, Patricia Whiteway, Sarah Whiteway

In Memoriam:

Calvin and Betty Cooper in memory of  Mother Jane Cooper

Marjorie March Carson and Carl Carson in memory of  Ernest and Annie March


Window Sponsorship:

The Brace Family in memory of those who settled here and all their descendants

Rita Spurrell and Mildred Lambert Smith in memory of Jim Penney

The Green Family in memory of parents, grandparents & great-grandparents; Max and Addie Green

The Rowe Family in memory of parents Harold and Alfred Rowe.

The Rowe Family in memory of brother Fred Rowe.


Friends of the GHHS: $5 – $500

Lillian Rowe, Frank Simmons, Edwina Suley, Judy Smith, Sandy and Bruce MacKenzie, Tracy White, Fred March, Glen and Laverne Rowe, The Lion’s Club, John March, Wendell and Phyllis March, CJ’s Restaurant, Evan Whiteway, Alvina March, Noah Cranford, Mary Bennett, Nelson Brace, Dr. Wayne Brace, Robert Brace, Catherine Cormier, Florence George, Ellen Jackson, Christine Kennedy, Gertie Kennedy, Victor March, Audrey and Nelson Newbury, Bertha Pitcher, Sadie Reid, Judy Snook, Barry Hillier, Distinctive Mouldings, East Coast Concrete, East Coast Power Toys, Kathi Stacey, Rona Jones, Doris Cumby, Howard and Judy Smith

Supporters of the GHHS: $501 – $1000


Builders of the GHHS: $1001 – $5000

Mackie Cram, Mona Cram


Superbuilders of the GHHS: $5001+

In-kind sponsorship:

Butler Framing and Art Gallery

Nik Naks

The Inside Scoop

Impact Signs Mount Pearl

Labatt Brewery

Browning Harvey

Collingwood Spirits and Wine